Empowering AEC Innovators: Explore Our Incubated Startups
Discover our “Incubated Startup” page, showcasing some of the remarkable ventures nurtured under our incubation program. With a focus on the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries, we present a curated selection of startups spanning Extended Reality, SaaS, Labor Profession Digitalization, and Cybersecurity to name a few. Explore how our program empowers startups to thrive and innovate in this dynamic industry.

Digital Labour Chowk

Established in 2020, Digital Labour Chowk is on a mission to uplift daily wage workers by transforming traditional labor markets into a digital platform. With a clear vision of connecting workers and construction companies innovatively, DLC has developed two functional Android apps. Operating on the principle of “one nation, one labor chowk,” it unifies employers with semi-skilled workers nationwide. The user-friendly mobile app eliminates the need for physical visits to labor markets, offering convenience for employers. DLC is a pioneering initiative fostering direct connections, inviting daily wage workers to register for opportunities matching their skills. Committed to shaping the future of the labor market, DLC is dedicated to unlocking potential and facilitating collaboration in a professional yet accessible manner.


Built design is driven by the belief that architecture has the transformative power to shape our world. Founded to bridge the gap between architects and consumers, our journey began with a founder deeply rooted in architectural passion and industry insights. Understanding the challenges faced by architects in finding projects and consumers in hiring architects, builtdesign emerged as a platform fostering collaboration and creativity. Committed to innovation and inclusion, we connect architects with exciting projects and consumers with their dream architects, creating a vibrant community where architectural dreams come to life. Our unwavering commitment is to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and inspire in the world of architecture.

ARorVR (Vedansh Innovations)

ARorVR is a cutting-edge platform empowering real estate businesses to virtualize the real estate ecosystem by seamlessly integrating technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). This innovative solution enables businesses to showcase 3D models and offer immersive virtual tours, allowing clients to visualize buildings before construction. Notably, ARorVR has achieved recognition as one of India’s top 650 startups at the IIT Bombay Eureka event, standing out among 17,000+ applicants.

SkureCloud (SkureCloud Infosec )

SkureCloud utilizes AI for comprehensive cloud visibility and threat intelligence analysis, aiding customers in efficient cloud vulnerability management. With low-impact, agentless scanning, and automated risk prioritization, it ensures a unified cloud security posture. Supporting organizations at various cloud journey stages, SkureCloud offers complete visibility, AI-driven threat intelligence, and features like posture management, vulnerability prioritization, and multicloud support. It’s a robust solution for maintaining security and compliance standards while accelerating cloud adoption.

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