At AmpliNxt, our mission is to support the startups that contribute to the evolution of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AECO) industry by nurturing them holistically. We aim to provide incubation support while promoting technological innovation and sustainable practices. Through proper mentorship and strategic collaboration, we aim to position AmpliNxt as a leading incubation firm supporting any startups innovating
within the AECO domain.


AmpliNxt is committed to fostering startups pioneering innovation in the AECO domain to shape the future of construction technology. Our vision is to enable startups to leverage transformative technologies such as BIM, IoT, AI, ML, ER, Deep Learning, Digital Twin and other domains to reshape the AECO landscape and seamlessly integrate and implement their innovations into our ecosystems. We envisage supporting and empowering these startups to revolutionize construction practices through cutting-edge solutions, propelling the industry towards a future of efficiency, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.”

What AmpliNxt Offers

Guiding AECO-focused startups from
innovation to success

AmpliNxt’s comprehensive program begins with an impactful pre-incubation bootcamp, guiding startups on various crucial contents by organizing common sessions that cover the fundamentals of starting up a firm. The subsequent 12-month incubation phase supports startups through hands-on mentorship and tailored support in topics like pitch-deck refinement, building GTM, financial projections, product development, financial linkages, featuring a mock investor pitch after 6 months and collaborative discussions with partners.

The journey concludes with the scale-up phase, which facilitates networking with industry partners, fundraising assistance, expanded market linkages, and external investments for sustainable growth. Through strategic networking, AmpliNxt connects startups with industry experts, collaborators, and investors, contributing to the growth and innovation of the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Why Join AmpliNxt


Years of experience in supporting startup exclusively focused in the AECO domain

India’s growing construction technology industry is set to reach $1.4 trillion by 2025, contributing around 9% to the national GDP and showing significant potential for startups. However, with less than 1000 AECO-based startups out of around 68,000 tech-based startups in India, there’s a clear gap waiting to be filled. That’s where we come in. We, as a dedicated incubator, focus solely on the AECO domain, striving to foster innovation in areas like BIM, AR/VR, IoT, AI, ML, Deep Learning and other relevant technologies to revolutionize various aspects of construction technology.
What makes us unique is our affiliation with SoftTech Engineers, a market leader with 25+ years of expertise in AECO innovation. As their subsidiary, we benefit from their deep industry knowledge, strategic approach, and access to scalable products. Through strategic networking, we connect startups with industry experts and collaborators, fostering the growth of AECO startups. If you are a startup at any stage of your life-cycle, looking to make your mark in AECO, we invite you to join us in creating a dynamic future. Together, let’s bridge the gap and redefine the AECO landscape.

Facilities Offered to Startups

Co- Working Space
Technological Guidance
Digital Marketing and Branding Sessions
Assistance in Fundraising
Pitch-decks Assistance
Technical Mentorship from Industry Experts
Secondary Market Research
Financial Projections
Guidance in Business Model Refinement
Networking Events
Sales Strategy Guidance
Pricing Strategy


Deep Screening & Evalution             Deep Screening & Evalution            Deep Screening & Evalution

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Startup Journey with AmpliNxt

Incubation Center

Director’s Message

Fueling AECO Innovation:
AmpliNxt’s Commitment to Startup Growth

“We’re very excited about supporting technology startups to grow in the architecture, construction, and engineering sectors. Startups play a critical role in our country’s development and economic growth, and through this initiative, we hope to nurture startups and pilot them into the AECO domain. We also hope to partner with other enterprises that will leverage AmpliNxt to provide unmatched access to startups, innovations, and R&D efforts to build future-ready technology.” Vijay Gupta, founder and CEO, SoftTech Engineers.

Vijay Gupta
Director – AmpliNxt
Founder,CEO – SoftTech Engineers Limited

Meet Our Team

Vijay Gupta
Director – AmpliNxt
Founder,CEO – SoftTech Engineers Ltd.
Preethi Sawant
Marketing Specialist
Chetan Mantri
Director – AmpliNxt
Partner – Ruby Capital
Suraj Vidap
Operations and community
Kirit Joshi
Group Advisor
Smarty Tufchi
Head of Operations
Vivek Kumar
Senior Manager

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