Beta Program 2022-2023

The AmpliNxt Beta Program emerged as the second cohort. It was crafted to shepherd innovative startups towards growth within the Construction industry. We meticulously selected disruptive startups through a rigorous process, identifying those with the potential to reshape the construction landscape. After the selection, startups embarked on an immersive incubation journey featuring boot camps, mentorship from industry experts, and access to our extensive network of investors and corporate partners. This comprehensive program was designed to equip startups with the tools and connections needed to thrive in the dynamic construction sector.

Program Offerings

Beta Program

The AmpliNxt Beta
Program emerged as
the second cohort.
It was crafted to
shepherd innovative
startups towards
growth within
the Construction

Free Bootcamp

Bringing the top industry experts to give you a brief of their journey and share insights of their expertise with startups

Incubation and Acceleration

Made for the evolved ecosystem of startups. Pick Physical or virtual support based on your choice and needs.

Co-working Space

Co-working spaces are beneficial to inventors and entrepreneurs. A chance to engage in group brainstorming and build your startup in a collaborative environment

Demo Days

Present to industry-renowned investors and Angels and raise fundings

Personalized and Structured mentoring

Industry experts and an internal mentoring team will provide assistance and mentorship in both the business and technical areas from time to time.

Pilot and Beta Opportunity

Get an opportunity to launch your product with real customers or test them with potential customers through our Network

Investment of upto INR 50 Lakh

An opportunity to get an investment of up to INR 50 Lakh from SoftTech Engineers Limited.

and POC

AmpliNxt regularly connects startups to venture funds, ecosystem partners, collaborators & POC partners

Application Timeline

How the Program Works

We invited startups focused on the AEC domain and other agnostic domain to apply for our program.

Received 700+ applications

Our expert panel shortlisted promising startups based on innovation and scalability after rigorous 1.5months of work.



Selected startups participated in intensive bootcamps conducted for multiple weeks to refine their strategies and ideas.

Opportunity to avail a seed investment in the most promising startups subject to their performance by our parent company, SoftTech

Participated Startups

Notable Participated Startups

Built Design: BuiltDesign is a pioneering SaaS-based marketplace revolutionizing architecture design and services. Their mission is to democratize architectural expertise, ensuring accessibility for all and igniting boundless creativity. With a visionary goal, BuiltDesign aims to lead the Construction-Tech industry by digitalizing architectural design and services through an innovative remote design platform. Operating on a SaaS model, they offer a freemium mode, providing flexibility and value to our diverse user base.


SkureCloud offers comprehensive assistance in navigating the complexities of cloud management, ensuring a seamless journey regardless of the level of requirement. Specializing in cloud vulnerability management, SkureCloud empowers clients to architect robust security programs that facilitate agile development while upholding stringent security and compliance standards. Thier agentless assessment and live results feature enables rapid and effortless discovery and evaluation of cloud assets.

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