SoftTech Engineers announces AmpliNXT, a hybrid startup programThe AEC Industry’s 16B USD Future: How Indian Startups Can Capitalize on Growth Opportunities

AmpliNxt, Startup

SoftTech Engineers launches AmpliNXT, a unique hybrid corporate venture program for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector in India. Drawing on 25 years of AEC expertise, AmpliNXT integrates incubator, accelerator, and corporate venture features to support scalable startups in the underutilized $10 trillion global AEC market. Offering key features like special access to decision-makers, product testing, and a strategic go-to-market strategy, the program covers startups in AI, ML, VR, blockchain, GIS, BIM, data analysis, and cybersecurity. The three-stage program provides comprehensive support, including infrastructure access, proof of concept, investment preparation, and shared services. Selected startups receive Rs 10 lakh in support tools and potential funding, emphasizing SoftTech’s commitment to fostering technological innovation in the AEC sector.

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